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Essential Document Package

Containing all three products, saving you $80.00

This includes the three essential estate planning legal documents: your Power of Attorney, your Health Care Directive and you Last Will and Testament. These three provide the minimum amount of protection to ensure the essential elements of your estate plan are handled when you need it most!

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From $149

This identifies who gets your "stuff" after you're gone and who you want to be responsible to carry it out. If you have children under age 18, your Will also directs who you want to care for them (their "guardian"). Without a Will, the government decides who gets your assets (or cares for your children) and who will carry that out.

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Power of Attorney

From $79

This allows you to appoint who you trust to carry out your legal and financial matters when you can't.

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Healthcare Directive

From $79

This authorizes the person you name to make your health care decissions for you when you are unable. Most important, it provides your instructions for care, or not, so your agent can carry it out on your behalf. Without a health care directive a doctor, court, or a stranger may be making these decisions.

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The essentials package is a great start to your estate planning but may not be enough to meet your long-term objectives. While complex and sophisticated planning includes the essential documents, it also often includes additional legal documents or advanced language in the essential documents to do more than what most people typically need. Find out more

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Complete your documents at your leisure
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The Will, Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney are the starting point for all estate planning, but there are typically four additional levels to consider:

  1. Traditional Estate Planning,
  2. Asset Protection Planning,
  3. Medicaid and Veterans Benefits Planning and
  4. Estate Tax Planning.

Each level utilizes different legal documents including revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts for asset protection, irrevocable trusts for estate tax planning, irrevocable trusts for special needs planning, Limited Liability Companies, and many others. If any of the following circumstances apply to you or appeal to you, please consider scheduling a meeting to discuss your options with one of our attorneys.

  • Want to avoid Probate
  • Do not agree with your spouse on the plan he or she wants
  • Have no family or friends you trust to carry out your wishes
  • Have children or other beneficiaries who do not get along
  • Are in a second marriage and either or both of you have children from a previous marriage
  • Are concerned with your spouse remarrying after you die and your assets going to people you didn’t intend
  • Have a beneficiary who is a spendthrift or unable to manage money, is a minor, has a high risk of being sued, is in a bad marriage, abuses drugs or alcohol, is disabled or likely to need long-term care in the future, is currently receiving government financial assistance benefits or has developmentally disabled children
  • Want to protect your assets from predators, future creditors, lawsuits, unforeseen liabilities or from long-term care costs.
  • Are likely to need long-term care in the future or may lose a spouse soon due to a terminal illness
  • Are thinking of retiring and want to ensure you have reviewed the estate planning considerations with retirement or
  • Have enough assets that may subject you to federal or state gift or estate taxes

The "Essentials Plan" does not necessarily achieve any of these unique planning goals!