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The Digitization of Law

How to transform technology disruptions into abounding opportunity

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The story that inspired The Digitization of Law

Serial entrepreneurs David Zumpano and Guy Remond want to create the world’s largest legal firm that doesn’t employ a single attorney with their new platform, Guidr.

Co-founders Zumpano, based in New York, and Remond, who lives in England, just launched the software, which provides self-service online legal documents supported by local attorneys throughout the United States. Through Guidr, users can still visit attorneys at their offices, access their attorney’s estate planning system to create their own legal documents on their own time, or have everything done for them in a digitized fashion. Unlike other legal document platforms, Guidr partners with local attorneys instead of bypassing them.

“We’re taking the practice of law and creating the digitized version,” Zumpano said. “We’ve created a digital product that meets a lawyer’s ethical and legal requirements where everything is protected digitally and preserves client confidentiality. We’ve given the consumers the control of how they want to work with their local attorney, and we’ve leveled the playing field for the average local attorney to compete with much larger firms.”

Said Remond: “We have a moonshot to create the largest legal firm in the world that doesn’t employ any lawyers. That’s where this can go.”

Zumpano and Remond have met in person just once – at a September 2019 lunch during a quarterly session with their global entrepreneurial group, Strategic Coach, in Toronto, following an introduction from fellow entrepreneur and Strategic Coach member, Ash Vora. Zumpano, who had two previous unsuccessful partnerships with potential developers for Guidr, immediately felt connected to Remond, who has decades of experience as an IT pioneer based in Manchester, England. That includes more than 15 years as Founder and Managing Director of Cake Solutions Limited – one of the UK’s foremost experts in enterprise application development, and which was acquired by BAMTECH Media in 2017 and rebranded as Disney Streaming Services, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of a company owned by The Walt Disney Corporation.

After their lunch, the pair would have three phone calls – totaling 150 minutes – before officially becoming partners later in 2019. Since their union, they have invested more than $1.5 million in creating Guidr.

“We formed this company just prior to Covid, and timing is everything,” Zumpano said. “Covid shut the world down but opened up our futures. And it opened up lawyers’ willingness to embrace technology.”

The pair, who also are members of Abundance 360 – a year-round coaching program featuring some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and led by XPRIZE Founder/Chairman Peter Diamandis – also are co-authoring a book, which will be released in the coming months. The book -- “The Digitization of Law: How to transform technology’s disruption into abounding opportunities” -- Zumpano, the youngest of 10 children in an entrepreneurial family whose mom was the CEO, has been married for 31 years and is a father of three. He has been changing the law game for most of his professional career, including as Founder of New York-based Lawyers with Purpose – which offers estate planning, elder law and asset protection attorneys state-of-the art software, cloud-based systems and processes, and live training to marketing and legal/technical support – since 2012.

“I’ve always built systems, but built them in other platforms,” Zumpano said. “Guy has brought the ability for us to do it in our own platform.”

Remond, who is dyslexic and did not go to college, also launched the England-based EHE Capital this year. He said he never intended to found another company, let alone two since the acquisition of Cake Solutions Limited, but said the opportunity to revolutionize the legal industry in the U.S. was too tempting to turn down.

“This is a really exciting time because we can drive change in an industry that’s resistant to change,” Remond said.

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